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Lida creates stories from her academic research and also from real life experiences lived behind her paintings.


Her storytelling is in three categories: 

Dance storytelling;    Film storytelling;     Children's Book storytelling


Dance Storytelling


She has created a story from her essay "Internal Worlds, External Relations", into a dance story which will be performed as a contemporary ballet choreographed by the international ballet star Ivan Zaytsev (principal ballet dancer at Mikhailovsky Theatre, St Petersburg). Click here on the projects page for more information about it.

Film Storytelling


Lida has written the real life experience lived behind 16 of her painting pieces, and together with a team of film-makers a documentary feature film is being created with it. Click here on the projects page for more information about it.

Children's Book Storytelling


Using imagination and personal experiences of childhood, Lida writes and illustrates children's stories. Her children stories will be out soon. Please check back later for more information.

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