Nourison  is a leading company for premium handmade designer rugs in the U.S. and presents designers such as  Calvin Klein's, Kathy Ireland, Waverly, Barclay Butera and others.

Nourison has created limited edition rugs from Lida's paintings. They are available also through Neiman Marcus.

Tschann Organisation is a training consultancy company in Liechtenstein and has been a long lasting sponsor of Lida Sherafatmand's international exhibitions.

N.U. Centar za kultura "Braka Miladinovci" - Struga, is the main culture centre in the city of Struga, North Macedonia. Lida has initiated an International Artist Residency programme in this city during which the artists can hold an exhibition at this culture centre. To apply for the artist residency click here.

Art Caffe, is an art hotel in front of the river in the city of Struga, Norh Macedonia, and provides lodging for the International Artist Residency programme created by Lida Sherafatmand. To apply for the artist residency click here.

WH Partners is a Malta-based law firm with a business focus, offering legal advice to clients engaged in specific industries.

They have sponsored Lida's exhibitions and are a great supporter of the arts.

Middle East Art Collectors Association is based in Dubai, and provides updates for collectors mainly based in the Middle East. Their curatorial team had selected Lida's painting for the front cover of their Art Collector Book 2018. This book introduces the upcoming investible artists to art collectors.

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