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Socializing and Networking

The artists are generally independent during their stay, but the programme is meant to be a community experience at the same time. A community experience for artistic support whereby the visitors socialize with the local artists and exchange. It is a networking and growth opportunity for all the participants.

The gatherings and outings with the local artists would be generally twice a week, whether it is just for studio visits and a coffee together, or touring the city.

For any urgent questions and needs  the artists can contact Dr Poshka at the Art Caffe:      

Phone: +38970442192  Email:


The local Artist always available for contacting during the artists’ stay are:

Mr Milko Nestoroski

Email contact:


Another person who is collaborating with this artistic residency for tours around the city and socializing/networking is Mr Gligor Kiatoski an established, active and young lawyer in the city of Struga.

Email contact:


Health Insurance

The visiting artists are meant to have their own travel health insurance. The local city hospital is rather close by the Art Caffe  Hotel; 10 minutes drive away.


Exhibition Space Booking

Once the artists decide when they want to hold their final exhibition (usually towards the end of their residency), they can contact the person in charge of exhibition bookings at the Culture Centre Ms Jasmina Poposka 

Email contact:


Information About the City:

You can learn more about the city of Struga on the following websites:

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