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Lida Sherafatmand is a fine artist whose art path started at 3 years of age in 1980. Born in Iran, Lida lived life circumstances of war, revolution, and persecution, later on as refugee, statelessness, loss of wealth and poverty. Due to those experiences, she feels a responsibility in her artworks to contribute to her surroundings.


At the age of 16, she was already being commissioned to paint portraits of people, and by 19 years old, she started exhibitions. In 2003, she enrolled at university to study International Relations and have more insights about wars and problems in society.


In 2016, she coined an artistic concept 'florescencism’ which carries a double meaning: flowers being the main physical subject in her painting and flowering as a metaphor used in many cultures and languages to symbolize the flourishing of an individual or a civilization.


After finishing her M.A. in International Relations, Lida has delivered public talks on the academic research behind her art at conferences and academic institutes including the Roerich Family Museum and Institute in St Petersburg, The London School of Economics and Political Science, the Radcliffe Harvard University, the University of Amsterdam, and the University of Rome.


Lida’s paintings, articles and poems have been widely published, including by UN, UNESCO, Amnesty International, a number of art journals, and other institutes. One notable piece of her writing is the Humanitarian Art Manifesto, translated to seven languages, was published on various newspapers and publications. Her artworks have been quoted and reviewed in art history academic dissertations and journals of social science. Moreover, Lida has been conferred numerous awards; Fellowship Artist in Residence at Hanse-Wissenschafftskolleg Institute for Advanced Study (Germany), Woman Art Award by Europe Art Awards and MUSA International Art Space in 2017, Milan International Art Award 2017 (Italy), selected as Jury Member for Children Van Gogh Art Competition in China, among others.


Today she has exhibited in over 20 countries including 60 collective shows, 25 solo exhibitions, and two official stamps have been printed from her paintings in Liechtenstein, and China.


​As quoted in an interview with The Guardian her motto is: “The more I hear violent news, the more I paint gentle flowers.”.



2019     Solo exhibition at Palazzo Zenobio, Concomitent exhibition of Pavilion of Bangladesh, 58th Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy

2019     Exhibition at Tokyo International Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan

2019     Collective exhibition Shibuya Station, Tokyo, Japan

2018     Solo exhibition at CAM Museum of Contemporary Art, Naples, Italy

2018     Collection exhibition at Nigde National Museum, Nigde, Turkey

2017     Solo exhibition at the Palace of the President, Malta (during Malta’s presidency of the Council of the European Union)

2016     Exhibition at Tokyo International Art Fair, Omotesando Hills Main Building, Tokyo, Japan

2016     Solo exhibition at the China Cultural Centre, Malta

2016     Exhibition with the Chinese artist Li Ning at China China Cultural Centre, Malta  

2016     Collective exhibition, Women’s Art World, Museum of Marrakech, Morocco

2015     Art Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco

2014     Solo exhibition at Atrium Galley, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK

2013     Solo exhibition at Roerich Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

2012     Solo exhibition, Ministry of Education, Valletta, Malta

2012     Collective exhibition, SALON SAM 2012, Galerie 60, Giverny, France

2012     Solo exhibition, Manuel Theatre (the National Theatre), Valletta, Malta

2011     Collective exhibition, Le Cabinet d'Expertise Arts Anciens, Geneva, Switzerland

2011     Collective exhibition, Cultural Centre, Bogota, Columbia

2011     Collective exhibition, Château de Serans, Ecouché, France

2011     Collective exhibition,"Freedom", Art Galerie, Terande, Kosovo

2010     Collective exhibition, Galerie Artitude, Paris, France

2010     Salon "Art de vivre à la française", Moscow, Russia

2010     Collective exhibition, Art en Capital, Grand Palais des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

2010     Collective exhibition at The Cité du Temps, Geneva, Switzerland

2010     Collective exhibition at Centro del Conocimento, Posados, Argentina

2010     Collective exhibition at Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France

2010     Exhibition painting during the Global Conference of Int. Peace Research Association, University of Sydney, Australia

2010     Collective painting exhibition at Schilliger Gardens, Geneva, Switzerland

2010     Collective painting exhibition at Palais des Nations, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

2010     Painting exhibition-auction, by Stal-expert, Espace de Nesle , Paris (6th district), France

2009     Painting Exhibition-auction, by Stal-Expert, Drouot, Paris, France

2009     Salon International d'Art, Lausanne, Switzerland

2009     Exhibition at Société Générale Banque, Paris (15ème), France

2009     Salon Bijorhca's Éclat de Mode, Paris, France

2007     Painting exhibition, on the occasion of the second Launching of Humanitarian Art Manifesto, World Council of Churches, United

             Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

2005     Solo painting exhibition for Amnesty International, University of Malta, Malta

2005     Solo painting exhibition, Gallery Sufflot du Centre Pantheon, Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris, France

2005     Painting exhibition for the conference "The Rights of the Child", Ministry of Education Malta in collaboration with the Council of

             Europe, Malta

2004     Solo painting exhibition "For a Culture of Peace", for UNESCO Malta

2003     Painting exhibition for the conference 'state of children in war in situation', Brussels, Belgium

2003     Painting exhibition at St. James Cavalier Gallery, "life of a refugee", Malta

2003     Collective exhibition, "Internationalism and Peace" for the World Congress of Junior Chamber International, Las Vegas, U.S.A

2002     Solo exhibition of paintings at the International Telecommunication Union, "Human Rights and Peace", Palaise des Nations, Geneva, 


2002     Collective painting exhibition "Internationalism and Peace", by European artists, Istanbul, Turkey

2001     Collective painting exhibition at St. James Cavaliere Art Gallery, Valletta, Malta

1997     Malta Participation in the Malta International Art Biennale (80 participating countries)


2020    Selected artist for peace - Stamp in Liechtenstein

2019    Selected artist for peace - Stamp for commemorative envelopes in China

2019    Selected as international jury member, for Van Gogh Art Competition -in collaboration with Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

            (The Netherlands), and Shanghai (China)

2018    Fellowship ‘Artist in Residence’- Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, Institute for Advanced Study, Germany

2017    Global Art  Award Finalist – in Innovative Art Category – Dubai, UAE (International Jury)

2017    Global Art Award Finalist – Global Art Awards for the Visual Arts, Dubai, UAE (International Jury)

2017    Milan International Art Prize –endorsed by Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, Milan, Italy

2017    Outstanding Artist Award, by Asia Arts Fund, New York, U.S.A.

2016    International Prize of Women’s Art World, Museum of Marrakech, Morocco

2015    International Prize Michelangelo, Rome, Italy

2015    International Art Award David of Bernini 2015, International Academy of Italia in Arte nel Mondo, Lecce, Italy

2015    International Prize of Marco Polo, Art Ambassador, Venice, Italy

2015    Selected Artist for official artistic visit to China, China Cultural Centre, Malta- China Ministry of Culture government grant

2011    Selected as "Muse of Art Harmony", by International Global Harmony Association, St Petersburg, Russia

2011    3rd Prize, International Art Colony, Kosovo 

2009    "Artist for Peace", Association of World Citizens (AWC), United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

2009    Decorative sculpture used on 1st Prize table, of Les Championnat des Arts de la Table,  Paris, France

2005    Awarded "Love Ambassador", The Love Foundation, Florida, USA

2005    Awarded "Ambassador for Peace", International Faith and Inter-religious Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

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