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Lida's education volunteer service includes:


1. Free public lectures

2. Free human rights education kit (for youngsters)

3. Free art education kit (for youngsters in developing countries)

See below details about each.

Public Lectures:


Lida's academic research is on peace building and conflict resolution focusing mainly on the role that human nature plays in these fields. 'Internal worlds' refer to our states of being inside, and how they influence our relations with the outside world as 'external relations'. Such knowledge can empower individuals to take a more active stance when facing challenging situations, and build a stronger base for a more harmonious society. If you wish to invite Lida to deliver a talk on this topic please send us an email. 

Human Rights Education Kit: 


Lida has written a toolkit using art and crafts to teach human right concepts to youngsters (ages 7 to 15). 

Teaching Human Rights using art provides an enjoyable means of learning for children. Art can be a particularly effective means for teaching children who are in difficult social situations where self-expression has been suppressed. Therefore, in this kit self- expression will help the child understand his or her existence as an individual and consequently the rights that belong to him or her within the human community.

To download the toolkit please click here 

And click here download the small booklet as the second part of the toolkit.


Art Education Kit: 







Lida is a collaborator with The Peace Institute established by Dr Hauwa Ibrahim (Sakharov Prize Laureate). This institute provides education camps for children living in underprivileged conditions. Lida is preparing a art education syllabus which includes a series of video demonstrations and short texts of explanations and exercises for youngsters. This art education kit will be made available free of charge for educators in developing countries, or any areas where access to education is difficult due to little resources. 

If you are an educator or volunteer with an education NGO, please email us so that we send you the art education kit as soon as it will be ready. 

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