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Internal Worlds External Relations is the academic social science research material behind the paintings and the artistic concept of florescencism in the paintings of Lida Sherafatmand. This book presents the research which looks at conflicts in the framework of human nature by bringing together the ideas of scholars from the East and the West.


This is an educational hand book for teaching human rights concepts to children. Art can be a particularly effective means for teaching children who are in difficult social situations where self-expression has been suppressed. Therefore, in this kit self- expression will help the child understand his or her existence as an individual and consequently the rights that belong to him or her within the human community


To explore how the conceptualization of national identity influences the international relations of a state, this book has explored the international relations of Iran as a case study, using the elite discourse analysis of the Iranian president Ahmadinejad between 2011-2012 which includes 170 speeches. It examines national identity through contemporary peace theories to see where national identity restricts or helps the development of a nations state's international relations.

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This book is a collection of articles by different scholars on peace making edited by Bruce Cook and Maria Cristina Azcona. Each writer who seeks peace suggests a unique dimension, including:  Leadership, Language and Leadership, Interspiritual, World Citizenship, Family Relations, Role of Women, Education, Medical Actions, The Arts, Conflict Resolution. 

Lida's article speaks about the role of art in peace making.

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