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To fulfill a vision of contributing to artists’ growth and increasing the number of artistically rich cities around the world, Lida has initiated an artist residency programme in Macedonia which she runs on voluntary basis. She believes such decentralization helps both cultural development and economic development. 

The city of Struga in North Macedonia welcomes international artists and writers for short term visits to focus on their art creation and literary writing.  Due to the beautiful surrounding nature and its serene atmosphere the city provides an ideal environment for artists.




This programme has been made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Cultural Centre of the city of Struga, the art hotel Art Caffe Struga, and several local artists.


The programme involves:

  • Discounted prices for staying at art hotel, for any period length between a minimum of one week and a maximum of three months.

  • Free tours around the city’s cultural and artistic spots by local artists and the art hotel founder.

  • Free exhibition at the Cultural Centre of Struga at the end of the residency period.

  • Certificate from the Cultural Centre confirming their artist residency time in Struga, which the artists can use for their artistic CV’s. The Cultural Centre is officially under the Ministry of Culture in North Macedonia.


To Apply:

Send a letter of interest and CV by email to the founder Ms Lida Sherafatmand:

Once you email is received and accepted you can proceed directly to book your lodging at Art Caffe by sending an email to

Prof Dr. Agim Poshka:

For full information regarding LOW PRICES FOR LODGING please click here.

For more general information regarding the nature of the residency please click here.

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