Lida Sherafatmand is recognized for the artistic syntax she has created for composing paintings which she has termed 'florescence'. Watch this 5 minutes video in which she explains the concept:

“The selection of your works for this prestigious art project, guarantees the value of stylistic research in the contemporary art scene. Your presence confirms the creativity as one of the most important way to spread knowledge”.

Vittorio Sgarbi

Art Historian, Italy

“Lida, your works are unique and will receive recognition in time."

"Lida Sherafatmand is an artist with a vast vision, pure heart and poetic sentiments. She paints with the language of the heart, and she produces her images with aesthetic values of beauty .”

Mahmoud Farshchian

Master of Persian Miniature painting

“Lida’s works are beautiful, embodying the in-depth expression of warm and elegant spiritual quality. Using flowers as the motif of her creation, Lida disregards the physical descriptions of the flowers, but instead takes the flowers’ intrinsic elements, and then combines the abstract form, and thus creating works with more profound inward spirit. Such a surreal method of emphatic expression, embodies Lida’s conscious choice in the artistic language of freedom on emotional expression, which is meant to be more accessible on mental expression, and moreover, gives a strong contemporary notion.”


Zhang Jiangzhau

Vice-president China National Academy of Painting

"These paintings nicely capture the theme and also the tensions of my study of international relations. Better still, it is in colour in contrast to my drab black-and-white."

Richard Ned Lebow

Political Scientist, Kings College, London

"Lida's work is an absolute mastery of the medium, which conjugates Life with sensitivity and emotion. A marvel."

Jaqi Ami Ryan

President,  Museum of Living Art , Paris

“To my mind, the art of Lida Sherafatmand resembles a life-affirming universe made up of attainable dreamworlds. Gentle brushstrokes adorn a canvass that speaks to our common humanity and the peace and love deeply embedded therein. This is art beyond identity. This is a language seldomly spoken in today's heavy and dystopian world.”

Arshin Adib-Moghaddam

Philosopher, U.K.

“Ms. Sherafatmand inspires inner feelings of passion to blossom with her artistic expression in her paintings.”,

Bradley C. Birkenfeld

UBS Whisblower, Advocate

All images of art works are copy-righted by the artist Lida Sherafatmand.

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